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How many physicists does it take to do stand-up?

In our last Los Angeles stand-up class we had two nuclear physicists learning comedy. That's right, two. Rather than splitting atoms they were splitting people’s sides with laughter at our showcase at the Hollywood Improv. So it got me thinking, what do physics and stand-up comedy have in common?

Stand-up, like physics, is the investigation of the small details of life. Whether you’re a physicist observing sub atomic particles or a stand-up comic observing your boss’s shoulder dandruff, both stand-ups and physicists want to know why things work the way they do, and both of them reduce the elements of life to their smallest molecular detail.

In this last round of classes of 2010, I have redesigned the first class to truly zero in on each comic’s authentic topic and assist them into drilling down to the subatomic particles of their personality and life.

Check out physicists Paul Wehner and David Relyea perform for the very first time.

Judy Carter teaches standup comedy in Los Angeles and online. New classes start on September 29, 2010.

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