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Critics who say that comics should not study their craft are ignorant and lazy

When Chris Rock found his career stagnating as a club middler, he took time off the road to study comedy.

"You have to study comedy to learn comedy. You have to become a student." Chris Rock, Ebony Interview

According to an article in Ebony, Rock obsessively studied comedy greats such as Richard Pryor, Woody Allen, and Don Rickles.  He attributes understanding their technique, timing, and delivery to his becoming, as he put it, a "Comedy Jedi Knight."

Who can argue as currently, Rock is listed as #2 in Forbes highest paid comics in the business.  So, this coming Thursday night [August 5th], in our new Online Stand-up Workshop is "Chris Rock - Learn How to Create Cutting Edge Premise" night. 

Each Thursday night's workshop, we will focus on a top comic [see upcoming schedule] analyze what they're doing right, and learn from them.  Upcoming Thursday include:  Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman, and Jon Stewart.  Also, since these drop in workshops are limited to only 5 participants, everyone will have an opportunity to perform material and get feedback as well as punchup.

Reply to this email and let me know which comics inspire you and we might dedicate a workshop night to one of them as well.


John Campbell said...

Jim Gaffigan

thecomedyjourney said...

Being UK based, I'm a big fan of Billy Connelly, Peter Kay, Lee Evans and Michael McIntyre.