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Who Does Your Time Belong To?

This year I ended my recurring eight-week stand-up classes that I've taught for forever -- even though they were extremely successful and highly profitable.  Most of my friends thought I was crazy to do this, especially in this economy.

But, I made the decision anyway because of something more important that all baby boomers know: time is finite.

If you don't know that, you're either in severe denial, or you're under 30 and don't realize yet that wasted time is lost forever.  Without a doubt, our most precious commodity is our time.  And what we do with it is our ultimate act of creativity.

So, you have two choices:

You can be a "time whore" -- giving away your most precious commodity to anybody who will buy a piece of it.

Or -- you can be strategic and creative, and use your time to create the projects, career, and life you really want to have.

It's all about making a simple choice. Do you want your time to belong to someone else ... or to you?

When I made the choice to stop teaching my eight-week workshops, it created a vacuum of opportunity.  Of course I was scared, because I was cutting off a steady income stream. But, fear is a great motivator; it really lit a fire under me to do things I'd wanted to do, but never had enough time to accomplish.

I wrote a new book proposal. I started teaching standup and speaking in other cities.  And I wrote a new speech based on my process called, "Getting What You Want Before You Forget What It Is."

The results? I'm doing workshop in places that I've always wanted to visit, like Sweden and Russia. I'm punching up speeches for extremely interesting people, like WWE wrestlers, bio-pharmacists, and NASA scientists. And, yesterday, I signed a book deal for "The Speaker's Bible" with St. Martin's Press.

So what do you need to give up to create room for the things that you really love? Do you need reclaim your time by ending a relationship with a person, by changing jobs, or by going cold turkey on your three-hour-a-day Facebook addiction?

Make some choices. It's your time -- do something with it.

"If you always do what you've always done - you'll get what you've always have gotten."

Want something different? Do something different.


Grace Fraga said...

Thank you for always inspiring me with your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I took your class and the one day we spent with you was literally life changing for me as a are and amazing teacher and so funny it's crazy. Good luck with ALL of your new ventures and adventures...

Gigi J said...

I have been living this as well. I swept away the smaller revenue-producing projects that ruled my calendar, and have been fertilizing the space beneath. Now, I'm getting affirmations of my work that are setting me on new paths that I would never have had time for. Scarey, yes. But exciting. It is hard to listen to your life if you are repeating its paths too often.

Thanks for all your continuing inspirations.

Mark Dlugozima said...

I went to the bookstore yesterday and asked the clerk, "Where's the Self-Help section?" She replied, "Shouldn't you find it on your own?"

I wrote a slogan for a new book called "Time Management for Anarchists": "Blow it up, not off."

Peace out!

mrdl236123 said...

Oh my God, Judy, this is exactly what I've been feeling lately but couldn't quite articulate. I've been in the same job since 1988 (yes, EIGHTY-eight) and have been increasingly unhappy. Since pursuing my comedy career this past year & a half, I have been increasingly unsatisfied with my "day job". I'm not hungry for fame, but comedy is really something I enjoy doing. I never hoped to make it my main source of income- but now I have to- all because of your blog today- I can't waste anymore time just having fun while working at a job that's killing me. I need to work at (and for) what I WANT and everything else will make sense! THANK YOU for spelling out what's been hiding inside my head for me to see.

Tory K said...

Great thoughts Judy.
I never met anyone on their death bed who said "you know, looking back, I wish I had worked more."

If your job is something you love, then it really isn't work, it's a passion.

Cameron Scott- Bohanna said...

An amazing article, Judy. I've done many, many jobs that I felt were a waste of time (apart from helping to pay the bills) and got so frustrated with why I wasn't getting anywhere.

Now I know. I was a "time whore." So I'm going to a radio school to become an announcer. Maybe my time in those boring jobs will be great material for when I get on air. I've just got to remember not to call the boss every swear word under the sun on air. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy!

I'm a Venezuelan comedian. I've learned everything I know about stand up with your books and videos. I have reached a very good level in only three years of studying and performing and I make a decent reliable profit out of it.

Although I have a clear comedy career ahead in my country I've made a very important decision. My wife and I are moving to Australia (January next Year) !

I'm planning to open a blog named "Stand Up Immigrant" where I will write about my experience in becoming a stand up comedian overseas from scratch. I am very positive and also scared about it but as you said "fear is a great motivator".

I hope Australia will be some day in your Workshop Calendar, It will be great to learn directly from you and also to thank you personally all the things you've taught me.


Ivan Aristeguieta.

Fran said...

Arrrggh - was reading this just as I was browsing blogs rather than getting on with writing. Still, I suppose this counts as research ... doesn't it? .... doesn't it?....

Will Finn said...

Best to you in your new ventures. I took your class around 2002 and got a lot out of it, despite not being really a performer. THE COMEDY BIBLE was great too.

Debra Joy Hart said...
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Debra Joy Hart said...

Dear Judy, When I teach about therapeutic humor and laughter to health professionals, I teach many formulas, and concepts that are in your book. I may not be that funny...but life is, and plugging it into a formula woks well, esp. in health care. Thanks for re- affirming the recipes!
deb hart

blog said...

keep up the good work judy. thanks