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How to Get Corporate Comedy Gigs by Finding the Message of You

I'm still high from the workshop I led on Sunday in Hollywood, "How to Get Corporate Comedy Gigs by Speaking the Message of You." It's not on the kind of high that lands you in rehab.  This is the kind of high that comes from feeling that you've made a difference in other people's lives.  What a joy it was to watch my peeps' Eureka moments when they discovered that there was a message in their life journey that was worth a lot to others.  So many people were thrilled to learn about the opportunities for comics in the speaking market. Doing longer sets for appreciative audiences, actually getting paid...  and not just "gas money and drink tickets"  -- what's not to like? 

In Sunday's workshop, people learned that corporate America is humor-impaired and desperately needs funny speakers.  For the past ten years I have been coaching speakers on how to make their content funny.  In February I am finally launching classes both in person and on-line to help funny people turn their life journey into a bookable topic for corporate gigs.  Information on my classes is here

I want all of you funny people reading my blogs to have the audio of this workshop, so I'm offering it for FREE.  Please use this link to download a MP3 file where you can begin your own journey to find The Message of You. 

-Judy Carter

Author of The Comedy Bible, Motivational-Humorist, and Comedy Coach  


Anonymous said...


I just listened to your Outstanding workshop. I love the theme, "the Message of You"... Your insight, experience and enthusiasm is motivating.

Using our lives to create one of of a kind, bookable speaking events makes perfect sense. I look forward to being one of your your on-line students.

Thank YOU!

Edwin A, keever Jr. said...

Judy, each time I get on stage and manage to make the people laugh I get high. Better thsn any drug I did in "high" school. It might become addicting and I might need rehab! I am looking forward to your new workshop about corporat comedy. You have been s great help so far. Looking forward to taking your online class. Keep Rocken The World!
Mr. Ed

Jeff Jackson said...

This is such a great opportunity and believe me, do I need coaching, but perhaps the first thing to do is actually download the podcast. But, I can't quite figure how to do it. I click on the link and then I can't find a prompt to actually download. I am obviously missing something probably very simple. Please help.