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Breaking Into Reality Show TV TeleSeminar

As a performer, I have a scornful dislike of reality shows and the "personality" stars that are hatched from these shows.  Call me crazy, but I prefer my celebrities to have talent.  That being said, I'll come out and admit that I'm hooked on "Dance Moms," which I watch with the same guilty pleasure of slowing down to watch the remnants of an auto accident.

Every time I find myself watching one of these reality shows, I think of all the funny and talented people I know who are working really hard at building a career, and who would love even the smallest of breaks.  Why are they having so little luck - while people with much less to offer are starring in shows that millions watch?

Well - if you can't beat 'em - join 'em!

Actors and comics, it's time to stop complaining about reality shows wiping out juicy acting roles and take some action to help your career.

If you think that your life might translate to a reality show, if your personality is perfect to be a contestant on a show, or if your talent as a stand-up comic can translate to hosting a show, then you need to check out my next free TeleSeminar, "Breaking Into Reality Show TV."

In this 90 minute seminar, you'll get a chance to learn from people who've been on all sides of the camera -- from show hosts to the agents and producers who create and package these shows.

You can sit on your couch and be intrigued by the characters on reality shows any night of the week - and wonder why these people are getting paid.  Or -- you can learn how to turn the tables and get PAID.

Spots are limited. More information here.    

-Judy Carter

Author of The Comedy Bible, Motivational-Humorist, and Comedy Coach  


Rebecca Morgan said...

How timely! I've been approached by two different sets of producers to host a reality show and both fizzled. I even got an agent at William Morris involved, but nothing happened. I'm excited you're offering this session.

canal Q pirate said...

I want to host a show, wear snappy outfits and not have to get out of bed. It would be a California King bed and there would be plenty of room for guests to lay back or jump around.