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If you enjoy the standard TeleSeminars that do nothing but try to sell you a product, and pad an hour with lots of generic, unusable advice - you might have been a little disappointed last Wednesday.

Listeners to "Breaking into Reality TV" were treated to an hour jam-packed with specifics from Emmy award winners Gina Rubenstein (former Executive Producer of "Clean House") and stand-up comic turned host Matt Iseman.

(So many Emmys - so little time!)

I like to think I'm someone "in the know" - but a lot of their insider tips were things I'd never heard before.  I love helping my readers follow their dreams ... but it's even better when I learn great tips that help me with my career, too!

A lot of you live outside the big entertainment capitals, so it definitely added to the discussion when a caller asked Gina if reality shows hire people who don't live in Los Angeles.  We found out that yes, they definitely do, and there are shows in development now actively looking to develop their story lines around people who live in the South.

(As more shows in other areas of the country succeed in finding an audience, expect this to be a growing trend.  Who knew?)

For you stand-ups, Matt Iseman had some very relevant content.  He gave us details about how he went from performing standup to being a reality show host.  He's continued climbing the ladder by shooting his own pilot for the Style Network - and amazingly - he did it all without a hosting agent.

(So, if "I don't have an agent" was your career excuse ... time to stop procrastinating.)

Probably the best advice of the hour was for those of you who have a show idea.  Gina shared her blueprint on how to put together a "Sizzle Reel" for your pitch, with detailed advice on how long it should be (under two minutes), what it needs to show, and how to do it on a shoestring.

(So, if "I'm too broke to do anything with my career" was your excuse ... again, stop procrastinating!)

Other topics covered were:
  • What networks are looking for - and how to give it to them
  • Exactly how to get your foot in the door to pitch your show
  • How to get on a reality show by presenting yourself as an expert (Producers use Google as well as agents to find experts!)
  • Exactly what needs to be on your demo reel
  • What show ideas are hot - and what are not
  • How much money a host makes
  • Which websites list upcoming reality shows
  • How producers find their talent (and, guess what, it's not through agents!)
  • How being a contestant on a reality show can lead to hosting gigs
  • How to create a two-minute sizzle reel of your reality show idea on a shoestring budget.
I've been doing TeleSeminars for a long time, and this one is so dense with information, it's a must have if you've ever thought about getting on a show as an expert, contestant, or host - or about being in charge of those same choices by pitching your own TV show.

For those of you who loved what you heard and want more - I have good news.  Gina's agreed to do a one-day workshop.

(Now I just have to pin her down on the date!)

Stay tuned! You can download the MP3 of this TeleSeminar for a small fee here.

-Judy Carter

Author of The Comedy Bible, Motivational-Humorist, and Comedy Coach.  Coming in 2013 "Make a Career Out of The Message of You."


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Hey Jude....
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Dan Nainan said...


Thank you so much as always for fantastic seminar – do keep them coming!

Dan Nainan