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Reality Shows: The New Way to Break Into TV

I got a call from Jake Pavelka, the star of "The Bachelor" (also a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars"), and he needed some punch-up for his opening in Vegas.  I thought, "Wow, I would've thought they'd get a stand-up comic to host a show" -- but Jake has a huge social media following with over 75,000 twitter fans. That kind of influence and fan base is why reality show stars are now starring in Vegas, becoming motivational speakers, and hosting their own TV shows.

If you're a comedian -- or just a really funny person -- I'd strongly suggest learning more about the reality show business.  On Wednesday, March 21st, from noon to 1:30pm PST, join me for a free teleseminar where I'll be talking to Matt Iseman, who'll give you some insider information on how he went from being a stand-up comic to working steadily in Hollywood as a TV show host with deals with Style Network and Speed TV.

I'll also be talking to Gina Rubinstein, Emmy award winning producer of "Clean House" and current executive producer of "RuPaul's Drag U." Gina will tell you exactly how she casts her shows, and also how to get in the door to pitch your reality show idea. Also joining us is Robert Galinsky, who'll give you tips on how to become a contestant on a reality show by beating out the competition.

When I look at how Jake is taking his reality show fame and parlaying into a steady career, it makes me think about the funny people I know who could do the same. There's a LOT of money in the reality show industry, and it's only going to get bigger with the growth of low cost online streaming media outlets like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and more.

Why not learn something - for free - and get your foot in the door while you still can?  Details and sign up here.  

-Judy Carter

Author of The Comedy Bible, Motivational-Humorist, and Comedy Coach. Coming in 2013 "Make a Career Out of The Message of You." 

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