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As I said in last week's blog, my tumultuous relationship with "Book" ended last week when he left me to go live in NYC, on fancy 5th Ave with my editor, Daniela. I've been fretting since Book left wondering if their relationship would change Book to something I didn't recognize. Would Book have lost his humor and come home a bit thinner? But today, Book has returned back to where he was born in grungy Venice Beach. Book has changed a bit from his relationship with Daniela as she really had her way with him. And the good news... Book didn't need a complete make-over! Book came back with a note attach to him, "A total home run!"

I'm SO excited as New York publishers aren't known for using exclamation marks. This is very exciting. I had a feeling that Book would be even better than The Comedy Bible. Don't tell The Comedy Bible that as it would upset her.

In two weeks Book and I are going to New York together where I will say my finale goodbye until his big reveal, January 2013, where I will introduce Book to you. I know that you will love Book. Matter of fact, my agent Penny predicted that Book will become a slut, touching many different people deeply as they lay holding him in their hands. (Yes, Book goes both ways, "Hard and Soft cover.")

To take my mind off Book, while I'm in NYC, I'm teaching a one-day Comedy Boot Camp on Saturday, May 19th -- 10am to 5pm in Manhattan, as well as private consultations all day Sunday, May 20th. Details here.

Whether you've taken one of my Comedy Workshops before or are new to the experience get ready for an awesome day of writing new material, meeting kindred spirits, having some good laughs, and, perhaps, getting inspired to form your own personal, committed relationship to your "Book."


lisa j said...

Dear Judy - I have no doubt whatsoever that this book will be a best seller. Thank you for inspiring the comic, and storyteller in all of us!
Love , Lisa J

Brian T Shirley said...

Hey Judy,

I know about the sparation anxiety. I'm doing a bit of a different thing, an ebook, so it was never in my hands literaly. They put an illustrater on the team to do the cover and after he read the short stories for the book, he got inspired to iluustrate them as well.This is great news, but of course pushes the "live" date, "the birth" of the book as I say in my speaker gigs, way back. It's called " A funny thing happened on the way to the club". I'll let you know when it's available for free down load if you want. Also, I sent some posts for your new book and I did not know if you used them or not.You said I would get a permission form to sign, I'm just wondering. If you could not use them that's fine, I know you were swamped with replies more than likely. Take care and I hope he comes back better off than you sent him.

Justin Kuvich said...

Congratulations on your new book, Judy.

I'm almost done with The Comedy Bible, then I'll read what I haven't of Stand-Up Comedy: The Book, which I've bought, too.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. While it's important, to an extent, for individuals to do what they feel is right for themselves, you offer important tips in the books I've bought. Before my first open mic performance on March 13, I found some comfort in what you said about dealing with fear in Stand-Up Comedy: The Book.

Chris said...

I love the line on your email under "But there's more - Wanna spend an hour with Judy in her hotel room?" :)

Judy said...

Whoooeeee--what a hot, up-and-down
affair you've lived between the covers! Bravo on making Book the Book that is destined for fame and success. Book should appreciate you for its very existence. Have at it!
Do what you will to Book. Press that pen down hard when someone asks you to. You know that Book loves it when it's hard. Tickle those pages with a bookmark. Touch it like you mean it.
Whew. That was good. Break time. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. NOT. Instead, have a nosh. judy b. david

Judy Factor said...

Congratulations on your new book, Judy!

Wanna buy an Ivory Tower to create some more masterpieces in?

There are some good deals out there, if you don't mind being on a deserted island with a lot of washed up comics.