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You Have a Super Power

Thank you readers for your hilarious comments on last week's blog 
"Personal Note to Judy's Hacker" where I told the story of my dysfunctional relationship with the hacker who stole my Apple ID.  
Funny upshot -- my blog found its way to Apple Corp  where it circulated, prompting a PHONE call from the head of Apple security. I immediately assumed that the call was from my hacker. 
He said, "No! I'm really from Apple." 
"Right! That's exactly what my hacker would say. I'm so on to you and your sneaky tricks." 
He replied, "Let me give you my Apple email. You can email me and I'll fix your problems." 
And he did. Wow!  
It dawned on me that that's the Power of Humor. We funny people have a gift that we shouldn't save just for the stage.  We have the power to turn any frustrating situation into comedy. After all, isn't that what stand-up is - complaining in a funny way. I decided to spend the day practicing my new found philosophy.   
I went to US Bank to get a copy of my equity line agreement, which I was told would be waiting for me to simply pick it up. But the manager hadn't a clue where it was and lacked the motivation to find the documents. My frustration was interrupted by a girl who entered the bank lobby yelling, "The ATM took my card. I want it back now! My father knows the president here! I will pull all my money out unless you give me my card! Now!"  
I turned to the stressed-out manager and said, "You take care of her and I'll be right back." I came back with cookies and said, "I thought you might enjoy these cause it looks like a few of your customers forgot to take their meds." 
She laughed.   
All of a sudden, my documents that she wasn't able to find 10 minutes ago, magically appeared with a smile. 
I felt the power.  
That night I went out to 31 Flavors with my friend. While the young girl was scooping my ice cream I commented, "Your ice cream scooping technique is fabulous. It's amazing how strong and skillful you are in creating such a perfectly round scoop of ice cream."
She laughed, proudly showing off her well developed right bicep. 
My scoop of ice cream was 50% larger than my friend's. 

Again - the power!
My message this week? Don't be a Drama Queen - be a Comedy Queen. You get more sweet stuff back when you give it out.


peggy judy said...

Judy this is great stuff-- thank you. We have to be reminded of this sometimes.
I just had a breakthrough in getting a book (of cat cartoons) reviewed. I didn't want to bug the reviewer i sent her an email from my cat, demanding that he be written up on the website that features all things cats. (this cat's ego has gotten huge now that he's in a book)
anyway, It worked, the reviewer loved it and is going to feature the book on her site.
COOL. many thanks again mollyb.

felice kaplan said...

It does work to be funny since my double dd's are no longer Dazzlimg or Delightful more like Droopy and Discusting my humor helped me get out of a speeding ticket I have a very funny licence plate oh gd I hope noone from the DMV reads your blog OY
but he asked me what my licence meant because it says FOLIVEU
I told him it's a way of telling everyone during traffic pretty much what I think when they cut me off I told him he laughed Thank Gd and I went home I my merry way without getting a ticket driving home slowly of course
My license is easier to figure out if I print it like this F OLIVE U

Palmo said...

speaking of ice cream...
I have a friend who used to work at a small mom-and-pop store that served ice cream. As part of her training, did you know "they" have a technique that gives the "look" of a large, solid, round scoop but the inside is in fact quite hollow (this was over 30 years ago)

Michel said...

Can a man with a girl's name be a comedy queen?

Marti MacGibbon said...

So true, so inspiring! Thanks, Judy!

lisa j said...

Thank you Judy..this reminds me to be nice. hearts & flowers to you LJ

Loren Ekroth said...

Shirley Eujeste, Judy!

And surely, we will win when we lighten things up with humor.

Loren Ekroth, an NSA fan in Las Vegas

Brenda Avadian said...

What a WONDERFUL OUTCOME. Funny about your not believing the Apple security rep actually called you! I can just hear your voice, Judy.

As for that 31 Flavors...I would have given the 50% more to my friend. After all you need to keep your svelte figure!

Erin O'Donnell said...

Hey Judy..I do this all the time..the great thing is it does get you better service especially over the phone if you make it funny! The problem ..I'm funnier off stage than on. Oy.

Oscar Wildedog said...

Judy, I've been following you for years...I'm a stalker!! Nah, just kidding. The "good" type of follower (l0l). Anyway, your post inspired me to want to share a book I recently read which works for all companies, all walks of life, and especially us comedians. It's called "Start With Why," by Simon Sinek. I could talk about it all day, but it basically says, if you know "why" you do something, why you're there to do something (your passion, your calling, whatever), the "what" and the "how" will follow. It's all about appealing to your audience's limbic brain - the emotional "fight or flight" part. I think sometimes comedians (as well as CEO's, managers and other professionals) think too hard abut what they're doing, what they're saying, and how they come across. Their "why" should come from their inner core - something you more or less talk about in your know, finding something funny or a premise that you can build on, and then just be your funny self. Thought I would share that with everyone.

Paula said...

Judy- LOVED THIS POST!!! My mother was a queen of "funny complaining". I didn't realize it until i read your post. In fact her method was my inspiration to get into comedy. She once told a secret service agent at the white house that "we were tourists and had come all the way from Calif (like no one in DC is) and her daughter is a political science major (me) and could we just stayed in the white house a little while past our tour (unheard of!) to see the pres? Long story short, we ended up waving at president Bush about 1O mins later as he walked past us to get in the helicopter! And I have a bit that is a gem!

Barbara said...

Loved your post as I always do, but this one prompted me to add mother read us the story about the sun and the wind each trying to get the man's coat off, the wind went first and of course the man just held the coat tighter, the rest, the bright, warm sun, you know the rest.I love starting phone conversations about repairs (when I've been on hold listening to (bad) music for minutes and minutes) by saying "first, thank you for helping . . . " Amazing how often then they do!

Karen Robertson said...

Great blog!! When I have to call for help, I usually say something like, "I have a huge problem and you seem like the kind of person who will be able to solve it for me." They always do.

Anonymous said...

Judy, Thanks for the reminder about using humor to get through the tough breaks. I love the tag "Comedy Queen" in lieu of Drama Queen. I totally needed that reminder as I am starting a new position that if not what I was seeking, but obligated to receive. I going to tell myself over and over, "Comedy Queen, Comedy Queen" and turn it into something funny and good!

Jeanette Brox said...

Humour is so powerful....I loved this story and reminded me of how contagious laughter is. I remeber a situation where I had a serious case of the giggles when boarding a bus. The bus driver caught the giggles and was laughing so hard that he told me to go sit down and forget about paying the fare.

Sally Baucke said...

There is no better place to use humor than in the medical workplace. Appropriate humor that is, of course. I always say that "humor is the lubricant that helps get to the hard to reach places of truth." When a patient has to endure something painful, a little positive humor goes a long way in helping get it done with ease and proficiency.
Rock on Judy!

Sally Baucke said...

There is no better place to use humor than in the medical workplace. Appropriate humor that is, of course. I always say that "humor is the lubricant that helps get to the hard to reach places of truth." When a patient has to endure something painful, a little positive humor goes a long way in helping get it done with ease and proficiency.
Rock on Judy!

Ryan Cole said...

Recently used jokes to get my duaghter out of detention that was my fault anyways for bringing her to school late. I initiated a roleplay with the Principal telling stories about how I was late for school everyday. When she played along suggesting I serve the detention, I got out of it with a reminder that a 39 yo man with a beard sitting with the teenagers might get her a few phone calls from parents or Dateline NBC. Then I brought out the excuse of the new baby in the house and nearly performed my whole baby-set for her. Neither my daughter nor me is serving any detention.

Anonymous said...

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