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The UNFUNNY Debate

We all like to vote for, date, and sleep with people who make us laugh. As someone who has written “The Comedy Bible,” as well as writing comedy zingers for a candidates and speakers, I was interested to see who got the most laughs. It was a dead tie, and I do mean… dead.

Obama got the first laugh by wishing his wife a happy anniversary and joking, “After all… a year from now we will not celebrating it in front of 40 million people.” A bit awkward as opening jokes usually are. But, Romney got the topper laugh when he riffed off of Obama’s joke, “Let’s hope that next year you won’t be celebrating your anniversary with me.” Good one Mitt.

Romney tried to zing Obama with the negatively used term, “Obamacare” and Obama used a heckler squelching comedy technique by saying, “Obamacare, I’ve come to like that.” Win!

But after that, the debate got lost in boring facts, lists, and memorized bullet points. Come on, everyone knows that when making lists the last one has to be a zinger.

If the candidates are going to be so boring, I say, let’s liven up these debates by having some real penalties for going over the time limit – pie throwing, taking off an article of clothing, something… I’m just saying.

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