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(Free workshop, blow out party & book signing with Judy Carter, Sunday, Feb. 17th.)

Many of you have been asking me about what it means to have a message -- so now, I'm going to share that secret with you.

Those of you who read my previous book, "The Comedy Bible" know that I was able to distill standup comedy and sitcom writing to a series of "problems into punch lines" formulas. Using these formulas, many readers and workshop students found themselves developing huge comedy careers (like Seth Rogan), writing for TV and film, touring clubs, or just having snappy answers for their obnoxious cubicle neighbors.

When I first started speaking, I had no idea what I was doing -- so I just did my standup act with a hack message tacked on. (Speakers are expected to have a "message" -- so I got one from a bumper sticker.)

After ten years, my content steadily transformed into something much more meaningful: a speech with a much more real, personal message that got me consistent bookings in corporate America, a wonderful income, and standing ovations.

So -- when St. Martin's Press asked me to write a book about speaking, (The Message of You) I had to really examine my own journey from "mess-to-success" to discover a speaking formula that would accomplish the same results for my readers --- but in much less time.

At first, I was thrilled when I came up with an easy six-step method to write a speech -- fast!

But, when I went over that first draft of my book, I realized it was soulless. There are a lot of speaking books that give readers steps on how to put together a presentation, and mine was looking like all the others. What was missing -- was how to find a message that is more than just something audiences will pay you to deliver. I wanted to show the secrets of crafting an authentic message that connects with audiences on a deeper level; a message based on who you are, from both your personal and professional experiences.

I started over from scratch, and found the "Message of You Formula" that I'm going to be unveiling at a free workshop/book signing in Los Angeles (and in Seattle - more cities TBA) on the day before the book's official launch.

Please come join me, along with press, celebrities, former students, and newbies in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 17th and get your book signed, raise a glass of champagne to your message, and possibly, to your new career.

Warmly, Judy

PS - There are a limited number of seats, so please RSVP here.


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