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What's the Beginning of Your Story?

The first day of my Las Vegas workshop wasn’t comfortable for me - or my students -- as they revealed the bumps and detours of their lives.  That’s a little ironic - because it was a humor workshop.

Many students resisted the process; most of us don’t want to reveal the painful moments of our lives when we gave up, lost hope, failed at another marriage, or went on a diet to lose weight -- only to gain it back.

Who wants to remember those moments? We’d much rather remember the moments that end with, “... and then I hit the jackpot!”
Most people tell stories where they cast themselves as the hero, and portray others as being jerks. But, as people started to admit their own mistakes -- suddenly the laughs started.

After that, inspiring stories emerged. These stories each had a journey -- just like the people who lived them. My students realized the connection between the things that happen to them every day, and a personal message based on their lives.

An IT tech found her expertise to help others find solutions was driven from the chaos in her childhood. A financial advisory realized how his own loses motivated him to help protect and guide others to security.

Every story has a beginning, middle, and an end. Sometimes, the hard part is to admit the beginning.

I hope to see you at “The Message of You” conference. There, you’ll find the story that motivates your life.


Judah Rosenstein said...

Hi Judy,
I don't say it enough, but you are great!
Just last week, I had to present about myself at work, and I shared some of the humor I have written and performed over the years, and then I showed-off 'The Comedy Bible' as a major influence. Can't wait to check out 'The Message of You'.
Continued Success,

Judah in Philadelphia

Michael said...

Hi Judy, I just loved reading your workshop report. Thanks for inspiring us. I know for sure that our dark times are blessings. For those of us on the journey back home (spiritual path) it's a time when obstacles are being released. Of course it's not always so easy to remember that at the time! But laughter & people like you really help! Michael Shineberg - Laughter Yoga Sydney

Richard Green said...

Hey Judy,

I never seem to get past the beginning. I seem to perpetually stay at the embarrassing action stage :) Maybe that could be the theme of my speech, "Getting to Chapter 2"

Holly said...

Ok. So the timing of this post is nothing but devine! Thank you Judy.
I have been working through Ch 3 of the book & have completely hit the wall!
I sat dejectedly on my couch last night with my lap top & notes strewen about me & totally stuck in a very painful part of my story! My self dialogue went along the lines of "i am reaching beyond my grasp" i really don't have anything to say that is valuable to others" "my voice in one a gazillions..." etc! You get my point!
As i finally went To bed thinking I would cancel my reservation for the conference & just go and just do what I do & learn to be content in that I wresteled all night.
I keep hearing my own voice " i just gotta try, if I flop, I flop, but at least I went for it! I was thinking about my swim that day. I dove in wirh my bouy abot a half mi off shore and started out in water that was likr glass! Smooth as silk! I swam to my half mile point where I usally turn around and decided to go bit further today. When I finally turned around the wind had picked up and the curreny was shifting. I was just about gagging on every breath! I stopped and treaded water for a bit seeking out my dock and just told myself, one stroke at a time Hol. And thats what I did. I got beat up, but I fully completed that swim! I am better for it. Now, this is my motto for this arena of my stroke at a time...& i just gotta try! Thanks Judy, you inspire me to continue to wrestle woth demons of self doubt an stuckness!

Holly said...

Well said Michael.

Holly said...

Sorry for the typos.

Ray Lauk said...


Years ago my grandmother was so impressed that an article I wrote was published in the Chicago Tribune. She soon realized that the column was in the regular series, "My biggest failure," where I admitted to learning lessons from a big blunder. She wondered if that was REALLY the kind of publicity I ought to be seeking!

Since then, of course, I've had many updates to that original article! I can't wait for the Message of You workshop in October! I'm there!

And, grandmother did not go out and buy copies of that Tribune for all her friends... LOL


Mr. Ed The person... said...

In 1989 I was celebrating my divorced with my wife, we were the ones getting divorced. We went to see the Who. What? No Who! After that we became good friends until she died of cancer two years ago. She's still causing marriage problems, she introduced me to my fiancé Stacy. Who? no Stacy! Why? Because! I am getting married this Monday July 22 To the love of my life! Marriage problems can be fun and rock!

Julie Kertesz said...

All stories do not "motivate" the life but can for sure influence it. After the "Message of you" day in Las Vegas the 12 July, I realised better how this story "The war caught up with me when I was ten" influenced my life. I did not have problem with the beginning (even if I cut a lot to make it shorter) but how to finish - I think I found a way to leave with warm feeling (that I did not feel when I was 11). Here is the story of how I survived holocaust told mostly as if I was still ten and not 80.

Nutmegslim's Tree of Life said...

OMGoodness Judy...had to share this with you! While going thru the timeline exercise in you "The Message of You" book, I went well past the 30 prescribed minutes because I began writing and COULD NOT STOP! That by itself was therapeutic, but the story that emerged from it gave me so much material for future presentations, a possible book, stand-up, etc!

Thank you for stirring the pot! LOL, because the ideas have already begun to "bubble" to the surface.

Best to YOU!