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"Don't Sell Yourself Short!"

"After the killer was shot at LAX, they found a message in his pocket. It was a message of hate and paranoia."

Last week, 100 of us also met at a hotel near LAX at "The Message of You" Conference to give our messages. Like the gunman, many of our messages were born out of pain, sorrow, and life's difficulties. But unlike the gunman, we didn't deliver our messages with bullets -- but rather with heart stories and messages of hope committed to becoming instruments of change and inspiration.

And what changed was me...

I came to the conference as a teacher, with my workbook, and exercises, but I left as a student, profoundly affected by what I heard from the attendees.

We started the conference with "The Wheel of Messages."

We spun a game show wheel filled with different messages. Depending on what message it landed on, we had to dig into our memories to find the right story to fit that message. All of a sudden, some of life's long forgotten pivotal moments bubbled to consciousness, and people created stories on the spot to share those times where they learned a truly meaningful life lesson.

For instance, after one spin of the wheel, a little person, Diane Kawasaki, recalled a story where she took a job that caused her public humiliation. From that story, she got the title of her speech, "Don't Sell Yourself Short."

(See for yourself how a story told from our memories can spontaneously turn into something funny and wonderfully relatable - especially when it's told to convey a message. Here is the video of Diane telling this story for the FIRST time at "The Message of You" Conference)

Diane's message created a ripple effect of inspiration. The next day I got a call to speak internationally for a fraction of my normal fee -- and then I remembered Diane's words: "Don't sell yourself short."

I didn't. I refused -- and they came back with the right price. It works to state your worth. Thank you Diane!

Thank you to all of the attendees at the conference for your game-changing stories and messages; they made a difference in my life. (I'll be blogging more later to share more of those moments that made us all laugh, cry, and transform.)

And ... thank you, the people who are reading this, for all of your comments. With all the violent stories we hear on the news, I appreciate all of you who are making a difference by opening minds and hearts with your stories and messages.


Julie Kertesz said...

Great Conference, and great decision learned from it.
So much to absorb in fact that it will take us more then to you to take all we learned inside and use it.

But all 100 of us learned how a great three days with so many can be organised and with all participation too, and high energy level.

Very happy to have come all the way from Europe to LA for those three days and all that wonderful content learning and meeting also each other.

Holly said...

Needed to hear that! Great insight & words of encouragment Judy! Thank you for doing what you do!

Coty Evans said...

Nice article. Thank you!

Dr. Audrey Levy said...

Wow - hearing Diane at the conference made me cry, and watching her online made me cry all over again. The best moment was the homeless guy with no teeth walking by and saying, 'Girl, this ain't right!" Such bravery and fortitude. We humans don't get much better than Diane... and then, of course, there's Judy... words fail me here. So much emotion - so many people being helped in the moment no matter what happens in their future. And, Angela Hoover! You go, girl!! I feel proud to be part of a growing group of people who want to make a difference in how people feel. It's like being in the 60's again, only without all the drugs... and you know what, it's just as much fun! Thx, Judy, for everything :)

Jen McDonough said...

Judy, your conference rocked! Thank you!!!

Getting to meet you, Mimi and the gang was a hoot!

There was so much to learn and I feel like all of us will come out from this experience like champs - the messages of the attendees were absolutely inspiring and it was an honor to be get to meet many. Diane, well her story as well as Michael's were my favorites, although everyone had a powerful live it forward type message that will definitely change lives.

Thanks for helping us change our perspective to make the messages of us turn into something greater to help others.